Client: Kuwait Sudanese Holding Company

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Service: Visual Identity design, project magazine

Corners: graphic design, art, photography


Kuwaiti Sudanese Holding Company is one of the major business leading companies in Sudan. They’ve recently completed one of the largest warehouse complex in Sudan, Africa and the middle east region with a record height of 17m.

The warehouse resembles a revolution in architectural projects here in Sudan, with many companies and agencies collaborated to design this gigantic keeper. DEGRAPHY had the honor to work with the KSHC warehouse in designing the 1st lesson learned Architectural magazine, and spread creativity shaped in the KSHC identity design.


The design concept was to merge Architectural design and graphic design identity of the KSHC warehouse into one masterpiece with a theme fingerprint in the designs, inspired from the bright orange racking system all the way to the lines of the other two buildings (office building, annex building).  The Magazine contains a very saturated engineering information to highlight the  massive effort in initiating the KSH warehouse design, the same concept followed in the KSHC artwork design and wallpapers design as a Supergraphic to the KSHC.