Client: Khairy Construction

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Service: Visual Identity Design

Corners: Graphic design


Khairy Construction is a subsidiary company from Sappar Investment co. ltd, located in Khartoum Sudan. Both companies are well known in the Sudanese market, they took various major projects which makes their names one of the tops in this field.

Khairy Construction aims to continue their prospering journey towards quality and development, taking bold moves to keep the valuable trust they built with their clients and employees.


The design concept of this project is to shape up Khairy Construction brand with an elegant simple design carries a lot of meanings within Khairy’s perception and The minimal design of the logo is what makes this brand speaks as a self-presentation of solid mentality base,  appears as the letter “K” of Khairy was subtracted from a  rectangular shape.  Color scheme was also considered for this brand giving it the herry red that indicates trust, Solidarity and Energy.