Client: International University of Africa

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Service: Interior design

Corners: Architecture - Graphic design


International University of Africa is one of the big universities here in Sudan, they have various colleges that supports Sudanese and African agenda, dedicated to satisfy all their students in an international scale.  Endimi hall is an essentially a hall design inside the college of Petroluem and minerals, the design was supported by the famous African business man “Endimi” who inspired the name of the hall. DEGRAPHY was called to design the hall to meet the architectural needs of this project and to reflect IUA’s identity in the interior design.


The design concept is focused on creating a design that meets all the standards of halls and public spaces while implementing IUA identity in the design, which was reflected by the Supergraphic design of the wooden pattern all around the hall.

The background noise was minimized by shaping  form and selecting Accosting materials in ceiling walls and floors  to support the acoustics in order to provide high speech intelligibility Background noise limits of 35 dB By using appropriate cooling equipment and covering the floors with spatial carpets ,  the reverberation time is  not exceed  0.6 seconds. according to volume area 400m2 and by room form and materials that selected and design Room Form Room form was design to focusing the sound on the stands and minimize reverberation time.